Friends Worry That Heidi Montag Is Suicidal



Heidi Montag is, apparently, in crisis. Her friends are super worried and say she might be suicidal after having breakdowns for weeks.  After more than 12 surgical procedures in just 2 years, Montag’s supposedly battling depression.

She confided in her friends, saying “The way people treat me, I may as well be dead.” A source confirms, “Heidi hates herself, which is why she’s got into this mess. No matter how many times she goes under the knife, it doesn’t take away from the fact she’s the same insecure person underneath.” And it gets worse! “She’s doped up to her eyes on painkillers and has terrible mood swings.”

Apparently, that Pratt of a husband is probably not helping the situation in the least. She’s been acting “out of it” for weeks now, and hubby Spencer Pratt has taken control of her post-surgery painkillers. The source continued, “Heidi’s completely addicted, which has everyone worried sick. She slurs her words and seems unfocused. We think it’s the painkillers. We want her to go to rehab before it’s too late.” Get help. Now.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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