Jesse James Blames Child Abuse For His Cheating


Jesse James

Just as Sandra Bullock brought out a secret adopted baby to distract from her “woman scorned” storyline, soon-to-be-ex-husband Jesse James is attempting to alter his “cheating jerkface with a Nazi fetish” image by telling Nightline he was the victim of child abuse. “I grew up with a huge amount of shame and fear and abandonment on my shoulders from a very young age and I think, you know, the way my mind rationalized [repeatedly cheating on Bullock was], ‘Well, you know, I might as well do whatever I can to like run her off cause she is going to find out what I am anyway and leave me anyway,'” said James. “Bike builder, Monster Garage TV star, all that stuff is a huge smokescreen so that people won’t see that I’m a scared, abused kid, a 7-year-old.”

James also denied being a sex addict. “I do a lot of things in my life that I shouldn’t be doing that aren’t conducive to being a perfect husband, you know, and the affairs are just one of them.”

Jesse’s father, Larry James, has denied physically abusing his son and his former stepmother Janina James Coan, tells TMZ the accusation that Larry broke Jesse’s arm at 7 is “a load of crap” (she also credits the tension between the men on Larry turning in a 16-year-old Jesse for committing a robbery, after which he served time in juvenile hall). “Larry was the most caring father, the kindest father who would do anything for anybody,” said Coan. “He loved Jesse to death and would brag about him all the time.” While we aren’t in the business of questioning claims of child abuse, James’ decision to use childhood trauma as an excuse for infidelity seems more than a little crass (Michelle “Bombshell” McGee says James “avoided” and “glossed over” details of their relationship, previously claiming James called his relationship with Bullock a “sham marriage”). And now that he’s called his bad-ass image a “huge smokescreen,” will he still attempt a return to motorcross and extreme reality TV?

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