Stop Plagiarizing Patton Oswalt. You Will Get Caught.


By Patton Oswalt. And that’s no fun. The latest in the plagiarizing Patton Oswalt trend is Columbia School of General Studies valedictorian Brain Corman. Dude used Oswalt’s “Physics for Poets” bit in his speech. Because no one would notice the wildly successful comedian’s popular bit? I don’t know. I just don’t know. Here’s the excerpt from Corman’s speech:

Here’s Oswalt’s original bit:

Sorry that was cut off. You get it. Corman apologized to Oswalt, which is nice. In that it’s completely too little too late and WHAT WAS HE THINKING. This should serve as a PSA to anyone who is even considering slightly referencing an Oswalt joke without proper citation. Just don’t do it. Write your own sh*t.

Not for nothing, when I gave my college commecement speech I ripped off Scottish comedian Denny Willis’ “The Fox Has Left Its Lair” bit.* Killed, KILLED. And no one was the wiser. Fools.

*No I didn’t.

Via Popeater

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