Tila Tequila’s Addiction Problems



When Tila Tequila signed up for Celebrity Rehab, most of us pondered what exactly she was addicted to? Apart from killing us not so softly, of course.

Turns out, Tila Tequila’s addicted to ecstasy and not to booze as her name suggests. A source involved with Celebrity Rehab blabbed, “Ecstasy is her drug of choice.” Another source said that T.T. liked to do Ecstasy with then-fiancée Casey Johnson during their relationship. Johnson tragically died earlier this year. “The night they first went public together on the red carpet, they were both high on E [ecstasy]. Casey only did drugs around Tila.” the source revealed.

Tila also apparently is hooked on snorting huge amounts of ambien.  Another source said, “She would wake up, snort ambien, google  herself, do more, Twitter all day and then sleep.” adding, “She would base her entire day around it.”

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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