Lady Gaga’s Anti-Heels Will Blow Your Mind


Lady Gaga

When we first saw these photos of Lady Gaga outside a studio in London we were a little disappointed. A spiked purse is fine enough, but a short black suit jacket and bra? That hasn’t blown anyone away since Madonna sported the look everywhere twenty years ago. Is this the end of Gaga’s wild and crazy outfits? Has she finally run out of ideas?

Then we saw the shoes and went on a magic carpet ride we’ve yet to return from. First we wondered if they involved some kind of optical illusion with extra material that made her appear to wear half-platforms when really her feet were on the ground. Then, finally, we admitted it: she was walking on platforms with no heels. Our apologies to fashionistas who have seen this trick before, but if her mission to was to melt our brains: mission accomplished. Now the accessory makes perfect sense: this outfit is all about pain. See more photos of the shoes—and shot from her O2 arena show this weekend in the gallery below.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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