Miley Cyrus Tramps Through Europe, Says Critics “Don’t Understand Art”


Last night in Paris, a 17-year-old American girl danced in a ripped, belly-revealing top and short shorts while scantily clad hedonists writhed around her and leering, cheering customers took countless photos. No, this isn’t the sequel to Taken—it’s Miley Cyrus‘ European tour.  But if you think there’s anything wrong with the actions of this underaged multi-millionaire exhibitionist, you just don’t get creative expression. “They can think what they want,” she told the BBC. “I think those are people who are just close-minded and don’t understand art.” Tell us more!

“I always tell people, everyone goes through a bad point in their life and makes bad choices. But they just haven’t been published and it hasn’t been documented on the internet. You can see how that would drive people crazy. I would like to see you at 21 and video that and put that out there for people to comment on.” Two things. First, Miley isn’t 21—she’s 17. And finally, lots of young girls are throwing trashy photos of themselves on the internet for commenting, they’re just not the mascot of a massive entertainment enterprise. But don’t worry, fans, considering how much Miley hates pop music and the kind of people who listen to it, she’ll probably exile herself to a South Asian monastery and take up the pan flute by the time she’s old enough to really get into some trouble.

[Photo: .com]

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