Rumors We Love: John Stamos Taking Break To Fix Love Life


Thank goodness for the National Enquirer, or John Stamos fans might wonder where the heck their hero’s run off to. According to the tabloid, the 46-year-old Full House star is planning to take six months off work to find out “why his romances always crumble.” “He’s in therapy and says he is so serious about his quest for love that he intends to take a hiatus from performing,” says the source. Sadly, a rep for Uncle Jesse has already shattered this fantasy, telling Gossip Cop the story is “absolutely false.”

Here’s what we love about the story, though: would anyone actually notice if Stamos didn’t work for six months? It’s not that he can’t get work—between TV (having starred on ER in the final reasons) and theater (having recently starred in the latest Bye Bye Birdie revival) he’s had a higher profile career than most Full House veterans. But that doesn’t mean people would pick up on a momentary self-exile. Now with this embarrassing story floating around, John will probably feel the need to try and grab a new TV role just to prove he’s not in some padded cell screaming the lyrics to “Forever.” You do remember “Forever,” right?

Even if he is planning some alone time, that clip should be more than enough Stamos to tide you over until he comes back, presumably on the Lifetime Movie Network.

[Photo: .com]

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