Adrien Brody Teaches Fellow Douches How To Wear A Tie


Adrien Brody

“Douche” may be an overused expression, but we’ll make an exception for Adrien Brody. Since winning an Oscar in 2002, he’s spent his time stinking up blockbuster (King Kong) and art flicks (The Darjeeling Limited) alike, getting banned from SNL for improvising in a Jamaican patois while wearing dreadlocks for 45 seconds when he was supposed to be introducing Sean Paul (whom he eventually announced as “Sean John”). Plus he wears the crappiest leather outfits imaginable and sports punchable smirks on the red carpet like the one above. So yeah, Adrien Brody: douche.

So here’s a fashion tip for folks who’d like to look as douchey as our boy. Planning to hit the town in a suitjacket with your shirt unbuttoned to your chest hair? Why not take that tie and wrap it around your neck? If you get the fold right, you can create a lovely triangular window for your follicles. Some people might not notice how you’ve perverted the idea of neckwear at first, so you can enjoy the moment they suddenly grasp your stealth douchery. Boo ya!

See Brody yuk it up with Robert Downey Jr., Mark-Paul Gosselar(!) and Kenny G(!!) at the premiere of his new thriller Splice in the gallery below.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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