A Semi-Serious Post: You All Know Sarah Palin Didn’t Get Breast Implants, Right?


One of the things that I absolutely hate but is also my favorite is when Sarah Palin complains about media bias.  Now, I’m not going to get into whether or not or in what way “the media” is biased while writing on the Best Week Ever blog.  Nobody wants that.  But what I will say is that the media is certainly not biased in the way that Sarah Palin thinks it is… for the most part.  She thinks journalists asking questions to which she has no intelligent answer is bias.  It is not.  BUT.  When stuff like this happens, it allows her to complain about media bias in a way that is at least slightly legitimate.  From Wonkette:

This story has been making the viral rounds.  It’s on Buzzfeed and I’ve seen it on at least three other sites over the course of the day.  Come on, guys.  Let’s not do this.  Whether or not the unflattering things written about her are true, she’s still going to cry foul.  But let’s not start circulating things that are so obviously untrue that we give her genuine fodder for her “lamestream media” ranting.

Do her breasts (and, yes, I feel creepy typing the word “breasts”) look bigger in the picture on the right than they do on the left?  Yes, they do.  Does that mean she got implants?  No, obviously not.  I’m no breast expert, but one of the few things I know about them is that sometimes they look bigger than they do at other times.  That’s how you end up sleeping with your friends.  There was no brand new chemistry the two of you felt that night at the bar; the female one of you just wore a halter top.  That’s how that works.

In conclusion, Sarah Palin did not get breast implants.  She and I, however, are now seeing each other.  We request privacy and hope the liberals will stop spreading baseless rumors about cosmetic surgery.

(Note:  I know technically the word “media” is plural, and I am using it in this post as a singular, but it feels to pretensious to write “the media are…”)

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