Celine Dion’s New Pool Is Actually A Water Park



Every kid has a friend with a pool. That friend inevitably seems more rich, exotic and cool, all because his parents chose to install a giant cement hole in their backyard. Celine Dion‘s son Rene Charles and the upcoming twins she plans to birth are going to put all other pool-owning kids to shame though, because Dion has built the world’s most insane backyard water park we’ve ever seen.

The home, on Jupiter Island in Florida, reportedly cost $20 million, and the construction on the pools has only recently been completed. It took a while because of the two pools, two water slides and lazy river that needed  to be built. A lazy river. In her yard, people.  Dion reportedly had to build six wells on her property to keep the 500,000 gallon pools full of fresh water and reportedly caused a drought on the island, which angered neighbors in the posh community (neighbors which include Tiger Woods, who is totally fantasizing about using the giant pool to reenact that Showgirls sex scene). Environmental concerns and bad economy be-damned, Celine is going to go tubing in her own backyard, dammit. For pictures, check out The Daily Mail‘s full spread of the water world.

[Photo:Getty Images]

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