America’s Got Talent Gets Heckled By Doogie Horner


I’ve never watched America’s Got Talent before, I’m more of a Britain’s Got Talent kind of gal, in that I watched it once when one Ms. Susan Boyle was on singing a little ditty called “Master Of The House.”* (Sidenote: If you think I was bothered by the wrath incurred by my slight Peter Facinelli reprimand, you are wrong, as if you say ONE slightly mocking thing about Susan Boyle you are banned from England and most of America. Blog commenters have that power, it’s sort of like a citizens arrest.) Anyhoops, I came across this on the Internets and, although this man does not out-Boyle Susan Boyle, he outsmarts the audience and wins Howie Mandel’s heart/respect. Those are my EXACT two life goals. So, without further ado, this is stand up comedian Doogie Horner on America’s Got Talent.

First, who is this a-hole Piers Morgan? I’m only slightly acquainted with him (from the aforementioned Boyle viewing), but I’ve previously brushed him off as a Simon Cowell impersonator. But not like a fun, draggy impersonator, but more like a poor man’s Simon Cowell. And I am only half wrong because he’s an a-hole like Simon, but he’s not correct in his assessment of talent, unlike Simon. Anyway, don’t like him (cue people telling me that they love him). I always love me some Sharon Osbourne and OUT OF LEFT FIELD here comes Howie Mandel being great and supportive! A true Boyle-y moment might have occurred had Howie decided to actually shake Doogie’s hand, that would have been incredible, but, you know that whole Howie thing. That’s not changing. Anyway, best of luck Doogie! I cannot imagine a much harder scenario for a comic to be in (performing in front of comedy great Nick Cannon) and you killed it and did not give me second-hand! Amazing.

*Le Miz jokes!

Thanks, The Daily What!

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