Danielle Staub’s (Gag) Sex Tape: Real And Wrong On So Many Levels



Oh, for the love of all that’s holy. These Real Housewives Of New Jersey are getting more and more ridiculous every day, what with their bankruptcy, head-wraps, homophobic slurs, and now, a sex tape.┬áReviled housewife Danielle Staub’s sex tape is all set to be released by Hustler next week and it clocks in at what are sure to be the 75 longest minutes of all of our lives. (Not that we plan to watch! Gross!)

TMZ has obtained stills from the tape which feature a very naked Staub filming her anonymous sex partner and showing off her own gravity-defying assets. (Is it just us, or does Staub bear a striking resemblance to Vanessa, Ariel’s evil rival in The Little Mermaid? Is that a weird connection to make after seeing a woman’s boobs?)

Oh, sex tapes. Why are you so prevalent these days? You used to sabotage careers if anyone was caught with one, now you’re no one if you don’t have one. And while they’re often indiscretions that could mean embarrassment if and when you have kids, in Staub’s case, she already has two kids. Forgive us if we’re being prudes but if there’s one phrase that should never be uttered, it’s “my mom’s sex tape”.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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