Patrick Stewart’s First Act As Knight: An Awkward Stage Spat At The Glamour Awards


Patrick Stewart was knighted last week in a long-overdue ceremony honoring his long-standing being famous and having been born in England, the two main criteria for becoming a protector of the realm.

In his first major knightly task, Stewart protected the Crown from comedian James Corden at the Glamour Awards last night with a series of confusing, silence-inducing insults:

Hrm. I’d probably take Patrick Stewart’s side if he punched my daughter, but even I have to admit that this clip wasn’t exactly Sir Pat’s finest hour. He’s already achieved Awesome Tenure, though, so no amount of non-awesome can get him fired from Awesome University, even if he sleeps with an Awesome student or gets a DUI or something.

Video of Stewart’s actual finest hour, after the jump:

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