Glee Finale Secrets: Yes, That Kiss Was Real!



So Glee season 1 has gone bye-bye, but not before producer Brad Falchuk, Jane Lynch and executive producer Dante Di Loreto handed out some behind-the-script juice. Apparently the Will/Emma kiss wasn’t scripted(!!!). Falchuk, who directed the episode spilled, ” I didn’t tell Jayma [Mays] it was coming. We shot all of Matt‘s [Morrison] coverage first, and a master, and then when we got to her coverage, I pulled him aside and told him to kiss her.  Her reaction is totally real.”

Falchuk also revealed that all those tears were 100% real too. He said, “Just so you know. No one needed any help crying. They all did it on their own without the use of tear enhancers. Those kids are all obnoxiously talented.” No harm indulging in some plugging!

Di Loreto discussed the possible return of Jonathan Groff and Idina Menzel. According to him, Groff “did a great job. He’s the nicest guy in the world. He came out on the tour with us and the audience loved him. I sure hope he gets a chance to come back on.”About Menzel, he added, “I hope there’s an opportunity for her to be back. I think she’s a really interesting character.”

Jane Lynch (who just married to her girlfriend, yay!) revealed that her character Sue Sylvester isn’t going to go all sweetness and light either, despite having saved the day in the finale episode. She’s still going to bring more bad-assitude next season. Despite that, she added, “Still, we know she’s got a heart underneath it and that makes it easier for us to take all the terrible things she says and does. We know she’s human and that makes her character lovable.”  Check.

But perhaps the most exciting news is this: Glee is also going to visit Comic-Con in San Diego next month! Be prepared for some gleeks gone wild!

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