Kristen Stewart’s Stalker Is No Match For Her Ultra-Protective Fans



Here’s one thing we’ve learned about Kristen Stewart (photos) fans: say one thing that could be considered remotely negative about the Twilight princess, and they come at you stronger than an army of newborn vamps (ohhh, Eclipse reference!). Knowing their, uh, loyalty, we’re confident that if they catch wind of Kristen’s alleged stalker‘s whereabouts, they’ll kick his ass to Forks and back.

Now, apparently KStew is not that worried about her stalker, which we find hard to believe because

1. Kristen hates the paparazzi and is notoriously private and protective of her loved ones and her own life and…

2. It’s a f*cking STALKER and Kristen is no idiot. Moody – yes, dumb – no.

Not to mention, we don’t think best secret boyfriend ever Robert Pattinson (photos) would let some crazy person get within one inch of his beloved queen – especially if he keeps attacking her with surprise kisses (Robsten photos) every chance he gets. He’s like a free bodyguard with sexed up hair…come to think of it, we got to get ourselves one of those.

In all seriousness – stalkers are nothing to mess around with, and we hope that those big bodyguards we always see lurking around her are doing their job. Back off, weirdos!

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