Watch: New Eclipse Clip


If you aren’t excited for Eclipse, the third enstallment of the Twilight Saga, this clip will definitely not change your mind regarding this portion of the Saga. Saga. However, if you are excited for the film, there is nothing this clip can do to dissuade you, because you love the Saga that is Twilight. As I am a masochist and have seen every installment of the Saga on opening night in the theater, I will see Eclipse in a similar, if not identical, fashion. Why stop now? There are many compelling reasons to stop now, but I prefer to just move forward without contemplation. It staves off the demons. Anyways, this clip has given me small hope for Eclipse, as I think the boy vampire is hot. Then again, I literally think everyone is hot. Everyone. You? You’re hot. So whatever. Without further ado, feed, you fiends, on this clip:

A for Acting, everyone! And, that advice, “Try not to get killed” applies to us all. This film works on so many effing levels. Eclipse, life lesson metaphors all OVER the place.


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