VIDEO: My Mother Discovers Her New Favorite Soccer Player, Kaká


A few weeks ago, my Mother and your favorite Real Housewives recapper Judy Collins and I went on a week-long journey to Italy. There were many laughs. And an Avogadro’s constant number of fights. But one thing is certain: We both gained at least 6 pounds each.

Every now and again during this oy-vey-cation (#takemywifeplease!), I’d reach for my trusty flip cam to document what were sure to be memories that would last a strifetime. And this was one of those moments…

Witness as my Mother discovers her new favorite soccer player, Kaká, a one-named Braziliant soccer prodigy who is a favorite during the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Here is 1:30 of maturity from all parties.

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