Katy Perry Does Her Part For US/UK Rubber Relations


Katy Perry topped her beef with Lady Gaga‘s blasphemy (so “cheap!”) for cluelessness on Twitter this weekend by fretting over an “important dress” that was held up en route to London by a pesky little death. “Another amazing race for a dress has happen again. Important dress. It’s on a plane now, but plane had 2 emergency stop cuz someone passed away mid flight! So sad! So we’ll see if the dress makes it in time…If not, my world cup convo is gonna take a beating on the chat show.” Frankly, we’re impressed she had the perspective to stick that “so sad!” in the middle of her concern for the fabric (though maybe she would have been better off not saying anything at all).

Looks like the dress made its way to Perry after all, as the star was spotted wearing this rubber Stars’n’Stripes/Union Jack combo in London after her Twitter torment. Hope it was worth it! See more photos of the red, tight and blue in the gallery below.

[Photo: .com]

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