Secret’s Out! Simon Monjack Had Two Children



Brittany Murphy‘s husband, Simon Monjack, had a secret that he carried to the grave.  A laptop has unearthed evidence that Monjack had two children! Simon’s mother, brother and therapist stayed at Simon’s home last week with Sharon MurphyBrittany Murphy‘s mom – and apparently took the laptop when they left.

While going through the computer’s files, they found emails from two women who wanted money from Monjack for child support.  It seems he had a son by one woman and a daughter by another. Files for wire transfers for chunks of money were also found, as  large as $ 48,000 in one go. He was also sending cash to lawyers, as well as to somebody in Europe for some sort of settlement deal. It just gets more and more mysterious. (And sad. And creepy.)

Simon’s immediate family strongly felt the coroner should have the computer and handed it over, and the office is currently reviewing the contents. Sharon has angrily filed a theft report with the police.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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