The 20 Most Notorious Celebrity Red Carpet Moves



Everyone who’s anyone in Hollywood has their own signature red carpet move. For example, our red carpet move consists of not going to the red carpet. This is mainly because we’ve never been asked. But for celebs, their signature move is like their calling card! It’s a catch phrase for the body. You can see a signature move and immediately know who’s responsible for it. Spot a peace sign, and you know it’s attached to Miley‘s hand. That head of hair being combed by some gangly fingers? RPattz, obviously. And every time bare abs turn up on the carpet well – you don’t even have to ask.

We’ve all strutted in front of the mirror and pretended we’re at our first premiere, perfecting our signature red carpet move. (No? Just us? Oh well.) Check out these famous folks as they actually do it!

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