The Situation Tries To Rap, Should Keep His Day Job (What Is His Day Job, Exactly?)



Wincing, cringing, feeling nauseous or being utterly horrified are completely normal symptoms when subjecting yourself to listening to The Situation’s newly leaked rap song, which is so cleverly titled, “The Situation.” That’s right, Mike Sorrentino of MTV’s Jersey Shore teamed up with Fatman Scoop, The Disco Fries and DJ Class with the intention of creating a club banger available on iTunes later this week.

A short clip of the song, released to TMZ, was  – not shockingly –  polluted with auto-tune and bad rapping. The only piece missing from this monstrosity was hearing “yo, yo” every few seconds, which would have truly sealed the track’s fate as future fodder for $1 bins at Wal-Marts around the world. A more optimistic point to this “situation” is now being able to consider Madonna’s rap lyrics in “American Life” about soy lattes, gardeners and butlers as high quality rhymes.

Nevertheless, the current state of hip-hop and rap cannot possibly get any worse, even if the entire Jersey Shore cast creates a Christmas album consisting of The Situation’s rhymes, Pauly D’s beats and Snooki’s wahhhh-ing.

[Photo: GettyImages]

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