Zach Anner Earns Our Vote As The Next Oprah


While the Internet is generally an unforgiving medium where cynicism and bad taste reigns, we here at Best Week Ever would like to borrow a few moments of your time to watch something that is genuinely heartwarming and altogether awesome. Over the weekend, when our ears weren’t ringing with the sound of vuvuzelas, we caught our first glimpse of Zach Anner, a young man who has dreams of hosting his own TV show someday. While the streets are cluttered with delusional people who fool themselves into thinking that they have the kinds of charisma and talent necessary to become a television star, Zach — who also happens to have cerebral palsy — seems to have the kind of unique talent that just might allow him to succeed where so many others fail. To wit, his undeniable enthusiasm and winning spirit have placed him in a good position to win the Your OWN Show contest that Oprah Winfrey is currently sponsoring.

If you agree that he has what it takes to earn a tryout with Queen Oprah, you should head on over to Zach Anner’s audition page and vote. And if you’re in the mood for your heart to get even warmer, we’ve got another video he made after the jump, one in which he thanks all of the fans who turned out over the weekend to support him. Awesome, awesome stuff.


[Hat tip to our pals over at Vulture!]

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