Finally: Jamiroquai Does A Nissin Cup Of Noodles Commercial


So, you guys remember that Jamiroquai music video from long over a decade ago?  You know, the one where the guy is in the room and it looks like he’s sliding around when in actuality, the room is what is moving.  You remember, right?  And then the guy performed the song on the MTV Video Music awards, but they can’t have a moving room on the MTV Music awards so they just had a bunch of treadmill things.  You totally have this seared into your brain.  And Chris Rock was the host of the MTV Video Music awards that year, and after the Jamiroquai guy did the treadmill dance, Chris Rock was all like, “Now if he was really black, he could have done that without the treadmill.”  and then you were all like “Well I guess Chris Rock can’t be funny all the time?”  Come on, you TOTALLY remember all of this.  It’s so weird the things you remember.

Well it’s a good thing you remember all of that because now this Japanese commercial for Nissin’s cup of soup is going to blow your mind.

Japanese Commercial Executive:  Hey, Jarmioquai, would you like to be in a commercial?  The concept is you’re in –

Jamiroquai:  I’LL DO IT!!!  I haven’t been able to afford food since 1998!

(By way of Video Gum.)

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