Katy Perry Backs Away From Gaga Slam, Steps Out In Spots


Katy Perry

Gaga? Who hated on Lady Gaga? Oh, you just assumed that Katy Perry was talking about the “Alejandro” video when she tweeted “Using blasphemy as entertainment is as cheap as a comedian telling a fart joke.” According to Perry, she was talking about other topical stuff like, you know, Madonna’s on-stage crucifixion in 2006. “[People think] I’m a very hypocritical person, ‘How do you say that and [sing], ‘I Kissed a Girl?’ Spirituality and sexuality are two separate things,” she (kind of) explained on French radio earlier this week. “When you decide to put it into the same subject, it gets interesting for some people.” Oh, so what was “cheap” is “interesting” now? You just prefer the degradation of women to the degradation of religion? Want to complete your backpedal with an “imo” caveat, Katy? “Some people have different view points.” Thanks!

Katy showed off her viewpoints outside her hotel in NYC yesterday, wearing a short animal-print dress totally suitable for Sunday service. See more photos in the gallery below.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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