5 Reasons Why Kristen Stewart Is A Fashion Icon In The Making



How we wish we could share a giggly group hug with Kristen Stewart (photos) and her stylist today. Oh and while we’re at it, let’s throw in her hair and makeup team too. While she’s ultra-casual in person (which we love) the girl takes it up a notch – or ten – every time she steps on to the red carpet, and she’s been stone cold killing it during the Eclipse press tour. She and Taylor are currently in Rome, where she showed up in a dress that is both sexy and classy, a combo so rarely pulled off in Hollywood.

The lady is quickly becoming a total fashion icon in our eyes. Don’t believe us? Let us count the ways.

1. She dresses for her age – 20 – and keeps her own style in mind, embracing her edgy, rock n’ roll, glam side. But she never, ever skanks out.

2. It never looks like she’s donning some desperate get-up just to get attention (cough, Kim Kardashian, cough) and she lets the clothes speak for themselves, keeping her hair, make up and jewelery to a minimum.

3. She also doesn’t compromise her taste for the red carpet – she’s been wearing her special necklace, for example¬† (we’re sure Rob can tell you all about it) at every photo call and she took her ridiculous Joan Jett hair cut and embraced it, turning it into something cool and distinctly her own.

4. Kristen is risky, but she never so much that she’d grace a bad fashion list, and her shoe choices are consistently both¬† timeless and on-trend.

5. She always – always - looks like herself.

In short: swoon.

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