Kim Kardashian And Justin Bieber, Rushed By 12-Year-Old Fan



We warned you Kim Kardashian didn’t we? Photo shoots with Justin Bieber will get you in an awful lot of trouble! Especially dreamy shots that happen in the Bahamas. You’re smiling, sunny, splashing around. Do you not think 12-year- olds will be out to get you? They’ve got smarts, dude. They’ll find you.

Proving our point, one of the said 12-year-olds actually did get to the two. At the shoot. She managed throwing their security detail into a tizzy. The teeny girly – Cristina-  “rushed” Bieb-dashian on the beach! Security had to dive onto the little lady to keep her away from… it wasn’t clear at the time if she was headed to Kim K or the Biebs. Nobody was hurt, apparently! The deal is… she just wanted to give Bieber a hug. Not hurt Kim. Sigh of relief.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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