Mel B. Takes A Page From The Jada Pinkett Smith School Of TMI


We get it, celebrities! You’re beautiful, you have money, and you do it constantly, and then you talk about it…why, exactly? To rub it in? To impress us? To make yourselves feel cool? WHY?

Why are we so irritated, you ask? Well, because if it wasn’t bad enough that Jada Pinkett Smith is always talking about the quickie sex she and Will Smith have in their limo, Mel B. is joining in on the action (literally). Mel B. gladly discussed her sex life on Lopez Tonight the other night, admitting that she and hubby Stephen Belafonte “shag five times a day”. Which is great for them, but it only serves to make us wonder how they hell they make time for work and, you know, parenting and stuff.

We’re guessing that their neighbors are used to hearing multiple zig-a-zig ahhh’s throughout the day.

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