True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten Writing A Sex Guide



We’d like to volunteer ourselves for research purposes. Not that Ryan Kwanten needs anymore for the sex guide he’s writing! It’s called The G-Strategy, and after all his’ intimate’ scenes in True Blood, we think he’s got it covered.

His ‘skills’ are already coming in handy, because his friends are taking all the advice they can get. With very successful results. Gorgeous Kwanten said, “I gave it to a couple of my friends and they’ve got back to me sort of a week or two later, saying, ‘Oh my God, Ryan! Where did you get it? I didn’t tell them that I wrote it, and they got back to me a week or two later saying, ‘Oh my God! This is really helping me out.’ One of my friends said his sex life has never been better! They’ve just taken it as gospel.” Hallelujah!

He reckons the guide will be on shelves early to mid next year. And apparently, it’s got stuff for both sexes.  Speaking about who’s going to be reading his strategies, he stated, “Predominantly with men, it’s more the finance-type world. With those, you’ve got the Wall Street guys that lap up anything that’s a chance to make a quick buck. And then with the women, I guess it’s sort of the more…emotional sort of type stuff that’s gonna make you happy.”

He’s handing in his manuscript in September and hopes to get props from… Oprah Winfrey. He laughed, “If Oprah will have me, that would be kind of hilarious. But I still don’t know whether we’re going to pitch it as a satire…or as a real self-help book.” Whatever he’s selling, we’re buying.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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