Jay-Z Needs To Pay Up For His Private Plane



This kinda stinks don’t you think? So Jay-Z has to shell out approximately $250,000 to spend 55 hours on a private jet. That’s including a celebrity discount, of course. But he’s Jay-Z… he’s gotta go VIP all the way right?

So somebody needs to tell the rapper that nothing spells c-h-e-a-p-s-k-a-t-e more than not paying your dues. Air Platinum  Holding, a private jet company, is suing Jay for not coughing up the whole bill for their plane. They’re claiming he spent 55 hours on one of their rides in 2009, but he only paid 37 hours worth. And what’s worse is that apparently Jigga flaked on even more payments.  A lot of them. For a start, he clocked 18 hours of flight time at $4,500-per-hour. That’s $81,000. He owes $ 3,000  in catering charges for 4 international, and $8,500 for 17 domestic flights.

Oh there’s more on the rap sheet. $8,000 in international fees, $12,285 in taxes and $24,200 for a luxury trip to England. Tallied up, that’s a grand total of $137,485. Need wifey Beyonce to help you out, Jay?

[Photo: Getty Images]

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