Katy Perry Wants BFF Rihanna To Strip For Her Bachelorette



Besties Katy Perry and Rihanna are about to get a lot closer, if Perry get’s her way! She wants RiRi to strip for her bachelorette party. Perry said on radio, “You see people coming and they strip at your bachelor party, but I want her to strip at my bachelorette party.”

And how much strippage is required? She responded, “The whole bit, the whole bit. She’s hot, I love her. She’s just the coolest chick and I want all of her clothes.” Perry, whose fiance is Russell Brand, also said that Rihanna appointed herself as head bachelorette planner! Without being asked. Not that she minds, she gushed, “I don’t know if she started this rumor that she’s going to do it, or if she just hopped on the bandwagon of the rumors like, ‘I’m going to do it! That’s the one thing that I don’t have to plan, which I’m really excited about.” And to drive in the we’re-this-tight vibe even further, she quipped, “We have a lot in common. We like to hang out every once in a while.” Think Rihanna will do it?

[Photo: Getty Images]

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