Toy Story 3 Currently The 8th Greatest Film Of All-Time


Quick update on how Toy Story 3 is faring on the ‘netz…

It’s currently the #8 Greatest Movie Of All Time on IMDB (one spot above One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, which is not even close to being the 9th greatest movie ever made):

Good! The IMDB lists sure ain’t perfect, but I’m glad to see users mobilizing and unselfconsciously praising a film they’ve just seen instead of having to be all “nothing new can ever be as great as old things!” about their opinions, and take some snotty AFI-list approach and exclaim how Toy Story 3 could never be as good as The General. Ditto Dark Knight at #11 — yay for acknowledging that things don’t have to age 20 years to be considered good! I’m peeing on Charlie Chaplin’s grave as I type this. Why, you ask? I ask you, WHY NOT? Oh, hundreds of reasons? Oops.

Toy Story 3 is also sitting pretty on Rottentomatoes, with a 98% mark, also known as an “Inverse Meet The Spartans”:

As for my actual post about Toy Story 3, well, it’s still pending, as I haven’t had a chance to see it yet. Expel me from the Pixar Yale Club if you must, but I’ve got a busy New York life!!! I’ve been eating bagels with Woody Allen inside the Statue of Liberty for 4 days. Along with all New Yorkers.

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