The Zip-Crotch Leotard You Always Dreamed Of


Directly from Richie Sambora’s brain to your body:

It’s Sambora’s new White Trash Beautiful clothing line! I’m not gonna front. I love a good summer onesie. However, what I gain in comfort and general onesieness I lose by having to take off my entire outfit to go to the bathroom. In addition to being annoying and time consuming, I’m always frightened that someone will walk in on me in the bathroom and discover me basically in the nude. Locks can be tricky and untrustworthy. Anyway, if someone did walk in on me, it would be, like, double embarrassing. NOW I HAVE A SOLUTION. Before I saw this zip-crotch leotard I thought I would have to petition for some sort of butt flap onesie. I was going to ask Jon Bon Jovi to design one. ┬áBUT THEN SAMBORA steps up to the plate and gives me this! Zippers! Crotches! It’s just so sexy and now and Sambora.

Via Jezebel

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