10 Videos Improved with a Vuvuzela Horn


Today, Youtube unveiled a new, highly useful feature: A Vuvuzela button, allowing you to turn your favorite viral videos into a cacophony of World Cup Vuvuzela Bee-Sounding Nightmares. Now while most of you are thinking that this is the most unnecessary, annoying “feature” to ever grace the Youtube page, other, like myself, can understand the value of such a button.

In order to prove why this Vuvuzela button is vital, we bring you 10 videos below which are much improved with the addition of a Vuvuzela Horn. So at the time we’ve indicated, click on the little Soccer Ball icon on the lower-right of the video for maximum effect. The horn, sadly, won’t embed, so click on each photo and the video will open in a new tab. This post is all about timing! And feel free to leave your own suggestions for videos improved with a vuvuzela horn in the comments.

10. Kenny G. Playing “Songbird.” Start Vuvuzela at :21 for hilarious results.

9. The Grapes Lady. Click Vuvuzela Horn at :56.* (Or not at all.)

8. Jay Leno at White House Correspondents Dinner. Click Soccer Ball at :11. If only we would have known about Vuvuzelas a month ago. You know Rahm Emanuel would have blown that sh*t.

7. Justin Bieber Singing R. Kelly. Click that ball at :05. Unless you can handle listening to that longer? We got to :05.

6. Twilight: Eclipse Teaser. Horn it up at :14.

5. Ke$ha Sings “Tik Tok” Live. Click Ball at :16. And no later than :16.

4. Cat Using Toilet. Start that horn at :20.

3. BP Oil Executive on Stopping the Oil Leaks. Click Vuvuzela Button at :14.

2. Celine Dion’s “All By Myself.” Play Vuvuzela at :54, even though it is a sin to play it over Celine. Be our guest.

1. Walrus Playing Saxaphone? Click Soccer Ball at :38. And then just laugh and laugh.

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