Farrah Fawcett Contacted Tori Spelling From The Afterlife



Tori Spelling clearly won’t stop at anything to promote her new book, Uncharted TerriTORI, including spinning rumors that her 90210 co-stars can’t stand her. But has she crossed the line from ambitious to ape-sh*t? In a new interview with Out Magazine, she claims Farrah Fawcett reached out to her from beyond the grave. And it’s all in her book, of course.

Apparently, she made contact with Fawcett through a psychic reading from John Edward, professional ghost whisperer. “It was pretty surreal. He offered to do a reading with me and I was hoping I would talk to my dad. I’d lost a best friend a long time ago and I was hoping he would come through. And then, all of a sudden, [he said] Farrah Fawcett’s coming through. And we were neighbors for years. She basically wanted me to give a message to [Fawcett’s son] Redmond and to her family and she was doing these very specific call outs for things that they would understand. In the book, I don’t solve it.” Cue in book plug!

She stated, “I can’t believe she came through to me — the most nonconfrontational person in the world. What am I supposed to do with this information? Since the book has been out, I’ve actually written a letter to [her partner and actor] Ryan O’Neal and explained to him in the letter everything that happened. I said, if none of this makes sense, please don’t think I’m crazy, this literally happened. I’m just passing on information but it was pretty bizarre at the time.” Tori, just “passing on information” doesn’t mean passing on information to the whole world. That kinda negates the whole altruistic vibe you were going for.

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