Eclipse Cast Predicts Next Big Sexy Monster Trend


We polled the experts – the Eclipse cast and a few of their close personal red carpet pals – about what they think the next big sexy, supernatural-y monster trend is going to be and we’ve got their ridiculous (and ridiculously adorable) answers above. Yes, we hate to even imagine a world without Edward Cullen, but we also can’t deny the truth – vampires and werewolves have almost jumped the shark. By the time Breaking Dawn Part 2 rolls around in 2012 Taylor Lautner will be dating Miley Cyrus, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will have a couple of kids and Peter Facinelli will be President. They’ll be over slicing their eyes up with red contact lenses and bathing in white make up and we’ll be forced to move on. Can someone pass us our box of Twilight-themed tissues? We, uh, have something in our eye. Okay, both eyes. Fine! They’re tears.

Face it, Twi-hards – all vampy things must come to an end…except eternal life. Check out the cast’s predictions – and our ridiculous red carpet hairdo – above.

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