New York Post Goes There With World Cup Headline


The New York Post wasn’t really in the mood to come up with a judgmental pun headline when the U.S. got eliminated from the World Cup; instead, they chose to scrap the puns or the “pretending we’re in any way an actual journalistic publication” and skipped right to declaring “This Sport Is Stupid Anyway”:

Headline Writer: Hey, I got an idea for the U.S. World Cup game headline – how about “F*CK SOCCER”?

Editor: Hmmm, I don’t know. It is on the front cover right next to an unbelievably tragic lead story, people might construe that as offensive, to say nothing of its unnecessary and completely transparent judgment.

Headline Writer: Then how about, “This Sport Is Stupid Anyway”?

Editor: Perfect. Print it up. Just make sure it’s underlined.

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