Our 11 Most Epic Moments From The Eclipse Red Carpet


You guys. YOU GUYSSSSSS! The Eclipse premiere is officially over, and we’re soothing our broken heart with some In N’ Out as we sit here reflecting on the night that was. Before we recap our 11 Most Epic Moments From The Eclipse Red Carpet, let us set the stage for you. We got to the Nokia Theater at 2PM, up-do secured on our head with 108 bobby pins, decked out in a wrinkled Old Navy dress and Haviana flip flops. We never did switch into our heels, because it wouldn’t be fair to dwarf Taylor Lautner on his big day (nor would it be fair to our feet).

We hung out at press check in with the lovely gals from Twilightish and Team Twilight until we finally made it to our spot on the red carpet, directly across from a group of Wolf Pack lovers who howled every time anyone wolf-related was mentioned. It got old fast but you know, they camped out for 4 days to earn the right to howl at the Eclipse premiere…more power to them. We were hoping one of them would imprint on us, but alas – they were saving themselves for BooBoo Stewart.

From that moment on, the red carpet only got wilder, weirder and more wonderfully insane. Behold our 11 Most Epic Moments From The Eclipse Red Carpet. Every single one of these things is true – we’ve got the video above as proof. Awkward, awkward proof.

11. Meeting the world’s horniest Twilight fans. We get it. They’re hot. Yes, we want to spoon with Robert Pattinson while catching up on Modern Family too. But we met some of the most x-rated Twi-fans in the world on the red carpet, with the signage to prove it. We chatted with one girl who referenced Rob and her “itching ovaries” and another who wanted to do illegal things to Kellan Lutz that involved whips and whipped cream. We’re not saying Twilight fans need to get laid (we think they got that covered),  just that we’re jealous of they people they’re doing it with because you know there are feathers and broken beds involved.

10. Edi Gathegi crashing the red carpet and surprising BFF Christian Serratos in the middle of our interview. Can you get any cuter? Edi tapped Christian on the shoulder while we were chatting her up (aka: drooling over her Christian Louboutin heels) and the pals immediately started teasing each other about some made-up fight while dropping inside jokes left and right. It was all sorts of precious. We tried inviting ourselves into their clique. Edi, Christian, @ us!

9. Justin Chon’s bleach-blond hair. He said he dyed it for an audition and it kinda stuck. Maybe not our favorite fashion moment of the night, but definitely the bravest.

8. Jackson Rathbone schooling us on music. Call this our most mortifying moment: we asked Jackson to name his favorite musical artist of all time and he skipped Ke$ha and Justin Bieber and named someone we had never heard of – much to our embarrassment. Jackson tells us that Robert Johnson was a legendary blues singer who shaped popular music as we know it, and Wikipedia agrees! By the way – Jackson does not get enough credit for being totally hunky. He kinda gets stuck in Kellan’s underwear modeling shadow and he deserves a little moment in the spotlight now and then.

7. Billy Burke’s banging’ wife. Did you see this woman and her dress? Why has no one hired Pollyanna Rose (oh hell yes, that name!) to be both a sexy vampire in Twilight and our stylist? Her outfit was by far the most daring on the carpet – and our favorite. Maybe next time Ashley Greene will give her a call before draping herself in a silk sheet and calling it a night?

6. Peter Facinelli. Period. Truly, everything this man touches turns to gumdrops and sunshine. He’s both a sweet father and a total sex god, and we’re conflicted about which side we like better. He’s also so deeply in love with the Twilight fans; he couldn’t stop gushing about their dedication to the franchise. He was very gracious when we awkwardly mumbled, “We, uh, follow you on Twitter,” never pointing out that we’re one of 1,623,635 other people. [Slaps forehead]

5. Taylor Lautner revealing that he’d camp out for four days to meet his fans. I mean really, how much sweeter can this man-boy get? He comes across as stiff in interviews, but he was playful and lovely on the red carpet. Some advice: he needs to eat more meat patties. Tay may look big onscreen but those abs are slender in person!

4. Namaste, Kellan Lutz. We’d heard on a blog that Kellan was spotted at a silent meditation retreat, and it turns out the sighting was legit. Kellan confirmed that he’s totally down with yoga, meditation and bein’ all zen-like. Then again, dating Annalynne McCord will do that to a guy.

3. This moment. Reporter: “Kristen, are you excited for Breaking Dawn?” Kristen: “Hell yeah!” And yes, we can confirm that she smiles. A lot. Leave her little mouth alone, people!

2. Mike Welch and producer Wyck Godfrey defending Kristen Stewart. We chatted Mike up about the beating Kristen Stewart’s taken in the press recently and he had only lovely things to say about his co-star, making sure we know that he’s got her – and Rob’s – back. Producer Wyck Godfrey gushed about her work in the movies and credited her with being the emotional backbone of the franchise. Can we all show her a little love now?

1. Being kissed by Alex Meraz. There we were, minding our business (ie: shouting his name) on the red carpet when lil ol’ flirty-pants Alex Meraz popped up for an interview and innocently smooched us on the lips. Which was yes, totally effing weird, but kind of adorable in a Wolf Pack sort of way. And never fear – before you accuse us of being a home-wrecker, let it be known that his wife was right there through the whole awkward peck. That didn’t stop us from calling our husband to let him know we’d been lip attacked by a werewolf. He was cool with it cuz, you know, I’m already imprinted on him (love you, hubby). And lest with think we’re special, our Twi-pals told us that Alex does that to all the red carpet reporters. Sigh.

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