Steve Carell To Leave The Office



It’s safe to say that Steve Carell has anchored Thursday night television for the past five years as Michael Scott on The Office. He’s this decade’s Jerry Seinfeld or Bill Cosby, the leader of an ensemble cast on a major network show, a show that’s been consistently funny for as long as we’ve been watching. Sadly, Carell confirmed that he will be leaving The Office after this upcoming season.

At the premiere for his latest film, Despicable Me, Carell told E! News that “I just think it’s time. I want to fulfill my contract. When I first signed on I had a contract for seven seasons, and this coming year is my seventh. I just thought it was time for my character to go.” Carell said that his departure won’t kill the show, we’ll still have Jim and Pam, Dwight and the Nard-dog to keep us company. “It doesn’t certainly mean the end of the show,” he assures viewers. “I think it’s just a dynamic change to the show, which could be a good thing, actually. Add some new life and some new energy…I see it as a positive in general for the show.”

And with that, the World’s Greatest Boss closes his office blinds one last time to make a prank phone call to the local headquarters of Serenity by Jan.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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