SPOILER ALERT: Nine Reasons Eclipse Is The Best Twilight Flick Yet



Last night, FABlife editor Kate Spencer and I had the privilege of attending an advanced screening of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. Being the shameless Twi-hards that we are, we arrived to the theater unacceptably giddy for our age, even snapping a fangirl photo with a cardboard Edward Cullen. After being somewhat let-down by the first two adaptations and covering the sh*t out of Eclipse, we were really hoping the third movie lived up to its growing hype. Crappy wigs aside (ahem, Bella and Rosalie), David Slade‘s film did not disappoint! Here are nine reasons Eclipse knocks the other Twilight flicks out of the newborn-filled water.


1. Intense newborn beheading! Thought the only way to kill a vampire was by setting them on fire a la James? Wrong! Apparently you can also violently snap off their heads! During the ultimate Cullen-werewolf-newborn throw-down, heads were crackin’ off left and right! 


2. The Cullens toned down their cakey makeup. Something about our precious Edward looked “off” in New Moon. His handsome face looked flat and overly powdered. It looks like the makeup crew was revamped (pun intended) for Eclipse, because the Cullen clan was the perfect level of pasty.


3. Xavier Samuel. For some reason Samuel is not at all what we imagined Riley to look like as we read Eclipse. My, were we pleasantly surprised! His hotness ranks up there with Pattinson (photos) and Lautner, and his performance as Victoria’s pawn wasn’t too shabby either. We (gleefully) expect to see more of this hunky Aussie actor.


4. David Slade rocked it out. From the opening scene onward, the film has a glossier look to it, showing off the gorgeous (and ever-foggy) British Columbia landscape with sweeping pans. Slade also wasn’t shy about zooming in on the cast’s beautiful faces, allowing the audience to get up-close and personal with KStew‘s freckles, RPattz‘s sneaky smile, and Tay‘s gleaming skin.

5. Totally gratuitous, totally delicious coverage of Taylor Lautner’s torso. The kid may be genetically-gifted, but there’s no question a lot of deprivation and crunches went into those abs. If the waves of screams throughout our screening were any indication, his hard work paid off in the eyes of Team Jacob.


6. Edward puts a ring on it, after 3+ attempts. He asked for Bella’s hand in marriage at the end of New Moon. He asks again right off the bat in Eclipse. Then, after rejecting Bella’s sexual advances (for the umpteenth time), Edward wammies her with a heart-exploding proposal. Did we mention the ring? Perfection.


7. Rosalie isn’t such a b*tch after all, and looks great in beret. In a highly-stylized flashback of her last days with a beating heart, we see a beautifully pin-curled Rosalie unsuccessfully fending off  a horde of skeezebags. The backstory was not only nicely done, but gave us reason to feel for Rosalie when she’s shooting dagger eyes at Bella.


8. Jasper’s twang. Maybe it’s because he did little but resist drinking Bella’s blood in the first two films, but we were caught off-guard by Jasper’s Southern accent and bowlegged strut. We recalled from the books that he was a Confederate soldier in his past life, but had no idea there was such a beefcake cowboy behind those crazy eyes. 


9.  Rabid teenage hormones interrupted by old-fashioned values. Bella outright wants to bone Edward, Jacob wants to bone Bella, and Grandpa Edward lives in a constant state of self-inflicted blue balls. The long-awaited (or dreaded) mountainside makeout sesh between Jacob and Bella was steamier than expected, and we fetal-positioned in our seats as Edward “attempted” to fulfill Bella’s end of their bargain. The not-remotely-subtle messages about premarital sex gave us a major case of the eye rolls, but left our loins aflutter for the release of Breaking Dawn.

What’d you think of Eclipse? Did we miss any high points? Let us know in the comments.

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