Wax On, Wax Off: Wayne Rooney’s Chest Shaving Fetish Costs England World Cup, Might Dethrone Monarchy



Of course, our headline contains a heavy dose of sarcasm. That said, if you have been keeping up with the British tabloids in the wake of England’s disappointing performance in the 2010 World Cup, you would recognize that it’s indicative of the amount of vitriol directed at England’s premier striker, Wayne Rooney. Rooney —who, not so coincidentally, did not make our list of the Top 25 soccer studs— is widely considered to be England’s best player and, as such, has been facing the lion’s share of criticism for his team’s poor effort this year. In a hilarious turn of events, the notoriously judgmental Fleet Street tabloid, the Daily Mail, is pinning the blame for Rooney’s failure to score goals and lead his team to victory not on his conditioning or mental focus, but rather on the fact that he SHAVED HIS CHEST prior to this year’s World Cup.

We haven’t seen a haircut this widely derided in the press since Felicity chopped off her signature ‘do before sophomore year! What do you think, dear readers: Is the British press being unfair to Rooney for his personal grooming habits, or do you think it’s weird that he took time away from preparing for the World Cup to spread Nair all over his pasty chest? Or do you share the opinion of the New York Post and just think that soccer is stupid, anyway?

[Photo Credit: AFP, Getty Images]

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