Lady Gaga’s Paranormal Nightmare


The eccentric and just plain weird phenomena that we pop culture folks know as Lady Gaga just got a little more paranormal after she admitted recently in a Rolling Stone interview that she experiences recurring, cult-like nightmares. The pop star explains the dreams  as a “phantom” telling her to cut her wrists with a “crazy wrist-cutting device” in order to keep her family and a random blond girl strapped in ropes out of harms way. So much for showing up to school naked or having your teeth fall out. Those are dreams Katy Perry has, not our Gaga!

Trying to figure out the meaning of these creepy visions, Gaga asked her Indian spiritual adviser (everybody has one, right?) who urged her to incorporate the nightmare into a video. That certainly explains the “Alejandro” music video, doesn’t it?

With this said, does Lady Gaga need an exorcism? Where is Linda Blair when you need her?

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