Old Spice Guy Ditches His Trusty Horse For A Motorcycle


Got smelly pits, fellas? Now that it’s summer, it’s high time to step up your deodorant game! Or, then again, maybe your body wash game? Pardon our confusion, it’s just that it’s so hard to remember what we need to do to smell attractive to the ladies these days. Good thing Old Spice has released another commercial featuring Isaiah “I’m On A Horse” Mustafa, a guy who is so beloved that he landed a development deal with NBC (!) after his Super Bowl spots went viral. This effort isn’t quite as delightful as the original spots — the sloppily overdubbed V.O. seems to be a particularly egregious offense — but it does feature Mustafa logrolling, baking cakes, doing construction work, swandiving off a waterfall into a hot tub and straddling a motorcycle. All in a day’s work, right?

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