The Revolutionary War: For Kids, BY Kids!


These are kids reenacting the American Revolution. NSFW you guys. Really bloody, horrific stuff. Bayonets all over the place. Last of the Mohicans style ripping out of still beating hearts. Kidding. It’s cute, obviously. I mean, it’s kids dressed as old-timey adults saying lines that they don’t understand. And I’m pretty sure there are some tiny Boston accents in there. It may just be little kid accents, but I prefer to think of them as tiny Boston accents. Tiny Good Will Huntings, all. OK, here it is:

Is the little black kid supposed to be the sassy guy with the catch phrase (Yeah!)? I hope not. I wouldn’t really know, as I don’t see color. Unless it’s RED, WHITE AND BLUE!! USA! USA!

Babelgum via The Daily What

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