Kelis’ 20 Most Bizarre Looks



In light of Kelis‘s new single “4th of July (Fireworks)” dropping just in time for our favorite patriotic holiday, we’ve decided to showcase her most bizarre fashion choices that surely summoned a ton of “WTF are you thinking?” stares.

Her new song couldn’t be more appropriately titled; after her recent divorce with rapper Nas, why wouldn’t she name her first post-breakup single after Independence Day? If you think about it, Kelis’s outfits are actually a lot like fireworks: blindly colorful, extremely loud and potentially dangerous to the eyes of many.

If you gain anything from this collection of crazy, maybe it’ll inspire you to skip wearing the usual boring white linen pants and spaghetti strap tops to this weekend’s 4th of July BBQs and actually be daring for once! Why not wear a bright pink Avatar-inspired leather jumpsuit, a neon mushroom shaped hat, or  a tie-dyed cat suit?  If you do, your milkshake will be sure to bring the boys to the yard!

20. Rainbow Sherbert

19. Kickin’ It Old School

18. Seaweed Chic

17. Kelis in Wonderland

16. The Little Mermaid

15. Blueberry Muffin

14. Grandma’s Patchwork

13. Big Foot

12. Road Kill

11. Flower Power

10. Anything but Mellow Yellow

9. Cockadoodle DOO!

8. Fabulous Fungi

7. Psychedelically Tacky

6. Need a Pillow With that Comforter?

5. Inner Thespian

4. Tie Dye Cat Suit

3. The Mummy Returns

2. A Pink Avatar

1. Bizarrely Normal

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