American Idol Update! Tour Shortened, Teeth Fixed



It’s been a while since we’ve checked in with our American Idol top ten, and there’s plenty of news to report this week. First and foremost, Crystal Bowersox posted this photo to her Twitter account showing off her new teeth. Yes, our formerly gap-toothed chanteuse has fixed that hole. She writes “whats NOT missing in this picture?????? Yeah. That’s right.” We love Crystal no matter what her teeth look like, but we wonder if she took up that offer by an L.A. dentist to fix them for free?

In other Idol news, it looks like ticket sales for the American Idol Live! summer tour weren’t doing so hot, because organizers have decided to cut off the last two weeks of the tour, scrapping eight cities from the roster. Sorry Buffalo, Cleveland, Kansas City, Omaha, Portland, ME, Portland, OR, Toronto and Winnipeg – forget about seeing soul-patchy Lee DeWyze croon or asking Big Mike to bench press you. It ain’t gonna happen.


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