Lindsay’s Obscene Manicure Could Get Her Into Even More Trouble



That Lindsay Lohan is going to jail is no secret anymore. Nor is that extremely stupid message she had on her manicure. But now she might get f***ed over thanks to the ‘f**k u’ she had displayed. Experts says that could mean more jail time even though the sentence (90 days in the slammer, 90 days inpatient rehab stint) was triple the amount the prosecution asked for.

New York City Public Defender Stacy Schneider says, “it would be a separate charge for contempt. She could have an entire extra sentence heaped on top of her current one. If the judge were angry enough, it could run even consecutively.” The Los Angeles Public Defender Greg Apt agreed saying, “The judge could hold her in direct contempt, which could be between three to five days in jail for vulgarity.” That is, if it was ruled that her obscenity was aimed at the courts.

Li.Lo has been backtracking ever since saying it wasn’t directed to Judge Marsha Revel, and that the manicure was just a joke. She tweeted to a friend, “Didn’t we do our nails as a joke with our friend? It had nothing to do w/court.. it’s an airbrush design from a stencil.”  Well then Lindsay might not want to read this. TMZ says that Lindz went bats**t crazy after the sentencing calling Judge Revel “a f***ing b***h”. So much for the ” “I don’t want you to think that I don’t respect you” that tearfully came out in court. And since Revel reads TMZ, it’s time to say oh f**k all over again.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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