OPEN THREAD: What If Dwight Schrute Ran The Office?


Over the last few weeks, Steve Carell has been running around telling everyone who’ll listen that next year will be his last on The Office. At this time, it remains unclear whether or not Carell actually means it or if his very public comments have simply been a negotiating ploy to force NBC into handing him a giant, Charlie Sheen sized paycheck. Either way, the Peacock Network has no plans to shutter Dunder-Mifflin’s Scranton branch. So if Michael Scott departs for greener pastures, who will take over as the big bossman? Well, if producer/writer/star Mindy Kaling has her way, it will be Dwight! As she tells Michael “Raisin Bran” Ausiello over at Entertainment Weekly:

“I’d love to see Rainn Wilson in that position. Dwight has become so nuanced — you actually care about him now. I think if [we did a good job laying the groundwork] this coming season, he would be a fantastic boss. But that’s my dream, it certainly hasn’t been approved by people that are more powerful than me and who make those kinds of decisions.”

We certainly agree with her assertion that Dwight has become a more well-rounded character in recent seasons; additionally, promoting Dwight would also follow the template that the Ricky Gervais established with the revered Christmas special/series finale of the original Office series. But is Dwight really management material? Would everyone in Dunder-Mifflin revolt, or are they all too sloth-y to do anything about it? Could this reunite Dwight and Angela? Let us know your thoughts below!

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