Brad Pitt: Missing One Chin Warmer



Hollywood’s Hottest Vampire is back, just the way we remember him. Brad Pitt‘s beard, grown lovingly over the course of a year, became an entity of it’s own. A facial hair masterpiece that got its own photo montage in Life, by proxy of being associated with Mr Jolie’s chin. E! Online mulled endlessly over its (non) appeal. It was everything that was wrong with facial hair, all rolled into one. Brad’s bizarre beard even made us forget that The Pitt used to make us turn into melting puddles of drool.

And now – Brad’s beard is gone. And the actor does not look like Cousin It anymore. Can we get an Amen?!

Mr. Pitt trimmed his beard last month, working his way towards the full monty. Brad’s in a movie called Moneyball which also stars Jonah Hill, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Robin Wright. The studio wanted Brad Pitt, the certifiable A-List superstar. Not Brad Pitt, Beardo-Weirdo. His facial hair didn’t stand a chance.

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