John Stamos To Extortionists: How Rude!



What is this? Time for all the gold diggers of the world to come out and play? John Stamos is being dragged through mud by a woman who claimed she had a fling with him when she was 17-years-old. SIX years ago. Did we forget to mention she wants money out of him? But of course.

Allison Coss and Scott  Sippola – the ‘extorting team’ – have been accused of conspiring to get $680,000 out of Stamos because they, apparently, have photos of him with cocaine and strippers. These photos don’t exist, because FBI agents searched their home and found nothing.

Defense Attorney Sarah Henderson‘s story is that Stamos, post his break-up with Rebecca Romjin, saw Coss and another woman at a club and asked his people to bring them to his room. Stamos allegedly ordered a drink for Coss even after she told him she was 17. They arrived with a bag of cocaine, and that’s when they took a photo of him  bending over a table full of drugs. Henderson also alleges that Stamos and Coss later kissed on a bed and got into a hot tub together after Stamos undressed and Coss stripped to her underwear and that Stamos offered to perform oral sex on her, but Coss declined. Then, Stamos became frustrated, broke a bedpost with his hand and left the room before apologizing and inviting Coss to spend the night. She did and for the next few years they have had a “flirty kind of relationship” by e-mail, Henderson said.

Stamos received two emails late last year from a ” Jessica T” who claimed she was pregnant by Stamos, followed by a series of emails from a “Brian L” describing allegedly compromising photos, saying they would be sold to tabloids if Stamos did not fork over $680,000. The prosecutors are contending that  Coss and Sippola sent the e-mails and the Assistant U.S. Attorney Maarten Vermaat told the jury, “This is really just a get-rich-quick scheme that is based on lies and betrayal.”

Stamos said in his testimony, “I was very heartbroken at the time,” speaking of his split with Romjin. He also said that Coss told him she was on “college” spring break, and that they were among several people who later came to his hotel room, where they were “just hanging out” and “socializing.” Of Coss, he said: “It was all very sweet. I considered her a friend.”

Stamos mentioned that he asked for “hot” photos of her via email in 2007 writing, “Send me some wild pics if you’re so wild, wild child.”  Stamos testified that Coss wrote that a man was harassing her about having incriminating photos of both of them. Later, “Brian L” started blackmailing Stamos, who then went to the FBI saying, “I felt threatened, violated. I felt this was illegal.” It ended with a sting operation that got Coss and Sippola arrested during a set-up money drop at K.I. Sawyer International Airport near Marquette, in Michigan.

During the hearing, defense attorney Frank Stupak snarkily asked if photos of  Stamos with alcohol and women under 21 would be bad for his image commenting, “By the way, are you a friend of Charlie Sheen?”  Stamos looked shocked but replied, “No, but I know Lindsay Lohan.”

Well played, Uncle Jesse.

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