Place Your Bets: Who’s Going Home On Top Chef Tonight?


For the purposes of discussion / prediction / imaginary gambling, let’s start a weekly “Who’s Going home On Top Chef” gambling pool, only using comments instead of money, and making fun of Top Chef contestants instead of payoffs.

The odds for tonight, July 14th:

Stephen: 2-1
Amanda: 4-1
Timothy: 5-1
Alex: 6-1
Kevin: 6-1
Andrea: 9-1
Ed: 9-1
Tiffany: 9-1
Tamesha: 12-1
Kelly: 50-1
Kenny: 100-1
Angelo: 5,000-1

Weird – besides Angelo and Kenny (who was in the bottom four last week), it’s hard to confidently pick people who are immune to elimination at the moment. Not sure if that means the chefs aren’t good this season or just that they’re really evenly matched. Actually, I am sure it means the former, but I was trying to be diplomatic because we have like 900 more Recaps to go and I don’t want to give up on the season just yet.

Your bets? Leave ‘em in the comments. Then mail me your cash. Honor system!

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